These are the (slightly modified) official Full Metal Fantasy and Unleashed character sheets that can be downloaded at We have modified them so you can fill, print, and save them in your browser! After you saved them they are only visible to you. We do not have access to your characters. Only you can access them and only in the browser you saved them in.

Beware: If you clear your browser cache, your character sheets will be lost! Additionally, if you save a new character sheet under an existing hero name, the old sheet will be lost!

Tip: Use your browser's print function to print your character sheet!

You can import/export character cards should you need them in a different browser, clear your browser cache or email them to a friend. Exporting cards will give you a gibberish representation of your character that you can copy. Pasting that gibberish into the import/export field and clicking to import the character will update your sheet. Have fun using the character sheets!

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Character Generator

We always loved creating diverse characters for role playing games. And (maybe much like yours?) the vast of our characters remain concepts and are never played. So when you are creating lots and lots of characters you need tools that make your life easier. This character generator is built to support you in exactly that!

It allows you to fill out parts of the character sheet automatically instead of filling all values yourself (e.g. it will autofill weapons and spells) which saves you time. However, it is not meant to be a full blown character manager that would help you spending XP after character creation. Here it differs from the Excel Generator also available for IKRPG. This is not an oversight but a design choice which makes it much easier to maintain and extend the generator. Here is a list of what the character generator does for you:

Have fun creating your IKRPG characters!

Beware: If you generate a character, the entries in your character sheet will be replaced!


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Attribute Value


Attribute Value

Career 1:

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Character Background:

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Adventuring Company:

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Future Plans

The following tables contain features that are planned for the character generator and either will be implemented soonish or did not make it into the current version.

Simple Features

Number Feature Dependencies Status
S010 Add all races, careers, etc.   Done
S030 Fill out Skill Parent Set Value M020 Done
S040 Compute Skill sum S030 Done
S070 Fill Melee Weapon data M050 Done
S080 Fill Ranged Weapon data M060 Done
S100 Fill Languages   Done
S130 Use Skill DB on change of Skill name/value M020 Done
S140 Use Spell DB on change of Spell name M160 Done
S150 Fill out Spell data   Done
S170 Worn Armor Autofill   Done
S180 Melee Weapon Autofill   Done
S190 Ranged Weapon Autofill   Done
S200 Add Benefits to Index   Done
S020 "overflow" for input fields    
S050 Benefit descriptions and pages M030 Pages Done
S060 Ability descriptions and pages M040 Pages Done
S090 Fill Arcane Tradition    
S110 Connections descriptions and pages M080  
S160 Add Warcaster Armor/Mechanikal Armor/etc. to Armor DB    
S170 Introduce "Clear Sheet" Button    

Challenging Features

Number Feature Dependencies Status
M090 Mechanika DB   Canceled
M020 Skill DB   Done
M110 Capacitor DB   Done
M050 Melee Weapon DB   Done
M060 Ranged Weapon DB   Done
M160 Spell DB   Done
M010 Armor DB   Done for regular armor
M030 Benefit DB S200 only all names
M040 Ability DB   only all names
M070 Gear DB    
M080 Connections DB M170  
M100 Runeplate DB   only all names
M140 Character Portraits    
M170 Add Connections to Index    
M120 Steamjack DB   Later
M130 Riding DB   Later

Complex Features

Number Feature Dependencies Status
C030 Mechanika Autofill M090 Done
C040 Runeplate Autofill M100 Done
C050 Capacitor Widget M110 Done
C010 Track Equipment Modifiers M010, M040, M050, M060, M070 worn armor/Shield/Command done
C020 compute DEF, ARM, INI, etc. C010 Done for basic modifiers
C110 Add Character Cards as alternative design    
C060 Steamjack Widget M120, C090 Later
C070 Riding Widget M130, C100 Later
C080 Leveling   Later
C090 Steamjack Sheet   Later
C100 Riding Sheet   Later
C120 Chrome sync for local store   Later


Number Feature Dependencies Status
B010 Some descriptions stay when I generate a new hero.   Done
B020 Changing font size in mechanika and connections and such.   Done
B030 Is computed-SPD stored in save()?   Done
B040 When the Thrown Weapon Skill is added, missing RAT is not updated.