Welcome to the Unofficial Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game (IKRPG) Resources. We aim at providing helpful resources and tools for players and GMs of the IKRPG and believe that the best possible way to provide them to most devices is a web application.

Please Note: The following tools are meant to complement but not replace the official rules and tools provided by Privateer Press.


Publication Index

We are compiling an index of all official IKRPG related content. The index is a work in progress and will be expanded for each new IKRPG (Full Metal Fantasy and Unleashed) publication. It contains entries for the folowing categories:

Contents by Category

At the moment, the following publications are considered:

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Full Index

An overview of all entries can be found here.

Fillable Character Sheets and Character Generator v. 1.0

Who does not want to have a digital version of his or her IKRPG hero? We provide you with online character sheets that can be filled out in your browser! You can choose between the Full Metal Fantasy and the Unleashed character sheet layout. After you created your hero, you can use your browser's build-in print function to get a paper version of your sheet. But do not forget to save your hero so you can come back later and add xp to your heroes!

We use a slightly modified version of the official Privateer Press character sheets that can be downloaded here.

Additionally, we offer a character generator for the character sheets that you can use to quickly test your character ideas! It includes all races, castes, archetypes, careers, career options, and adventuring companies from the index. Have fun creating your IK characters!

Fillable Character Cards v. 4.0

We love to play Warmachine and Hordes and especially love the MK II cards. This is why we made custom character cards for the IKRPG. They provide an alternative design for your character sheets and can even be filled out online! The following cards are available:

Map Builder

We use the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit tiles and tokens for most combat encounters. Previously, when planning combat encounters, our GMs used to setup the tiles and tokens at home and brought a photo to the session. Not any more! The Map Builder lets you create, save, and print your own IK maps made with the official Iron Kingdoms tiles and tokens that can be downloaded for free at http://privateerpress.com/boostyourexperience. Game masters can now plan encounters even when they do not have access to their physical tiles. They may then use it to create printouts of their planned encounter setups.

Moons of Caen Constellations

Caen has three moons: Calder, Laris, and Artis. Apparently, many of Immoren's wilderness peoples have strong connection to those moons: Tharn and Warpwolves transform during full moons, blackclad rituals are more effective during full moons (constellations) and so on. That made me wonder how the lunar phases of Calder, Laris, and Artis would interact. So let us look up to the sky:

Check out the Moons of Caen Tool.

Unleashed Heroes for Warmahordes

We really like the flavor of the Unleashed Adventure Kit Scenario characters, and we were wondering if we could also use them in the tabletop game. So, we started thinking about what they would do in the wargame, and came up with a set of rules which should be a lot of fun in friendly and casual games. We did not playtest them yet, but we think the rules are fine and are neither too strong nor too weak while at the same time, the individuality of each character was (hopefully) retained. The result of these efforts is vortex255's 1.0 Version of Forces of Hordes: Heroes Unleashed!

We mirror his work here.

Application Settings

Starting with version 3, we are migrating ikrpg.info from a static webpage to a web application. This means we are using coockies and similar web technologies to store user settings locally in your browser. The most obvious change is the new character cards storage feature. Less obvious is the use of Google Analytics (half the internet uses it) to get information on how to improve our tools. We are still testing ideas where we can go from here but as a start, we will give you the ability to select a new Unleashed background image.

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